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Renée (° 1989) lives and works in Brussels. She captures the light and her experience of the world around her. It’s a world full of contrasts. Her images show disharmony, memories in nowadays. Vulnerability, white against deep black backgrounds, day and night, emptiness and fullness. Coolness and heat, burning ice. The present and the absent. She’s looking for attachment, but displacement too. Themes are the mystery, the uncanny, abjection and the enigmatic. Creaking discomfort in down, a sensory touch in a flat image. A glimpse, an error, disturbance, the lyrical. Distance, yet close framing. She uses the dark room, groping for light. Light traversing trees and water, that lives on the tide during spring tide. Everything is strange, yet daily and known. Trees, water, horse and dew, rustle, a man in a suit, sand mountains and a statue. She looks around, capturing an image and imagining another image, a walking écriture automatique, appearing in the same story.

/shelter, in group exhibition Re/settle, Pianofabriek Brussel, september 2020
/shelter, in group exhibition, .TIFF, Fotomuseum Antwerpen, october 2020
/participant of the online festival Futures Photography, European photography platform
/online tutoring, Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Hungary
/Ardennes, in group exhibition with the collective 1010, Enfant Sauvage, november 2020
/shelter, in group exhibition, with Erien Withouck and Lola Pertsowsky, Szenne Gallery Brussels, 2021
/shelter, in group exbition at Enfant Sauvage, Brussels, 2021
/shelter, book publication, Edition Du Caïd and Matthieu Litt, 2021

/noctuary, in Night of Photography, Tiblisi Photo Festival, Georgia, september 2020
/shelter, Kunst in Huis Brussel, september 2020
/noctuary, in .TIFF- magazine and reading for .TIFF-event, Fotumuseum Antwerpen, 2019
 /Noordzee, in group exhibition with the collective 1010, Recyclart, november 2019
/noctuary, solo exhibition Netwerk Aalst, november 2019
/noctuary, publication with Posture Editions, booklaunch at Netwerk Aalst, november 2019
/statues, in collaboration with Eva Beazar, in group exhibition “geliefde lichamen”, KADOK, Leuven, june 2019
/“many a moon”, concept, Recyclart, Brussels, 2019
/tussentijd, in collaboration with Judith Desmyttere, and buitentijd, in group exhibition “many a moon”, Recyclart, Brussels, may 2019
/tussentijd, in collaboration with Judith Desmyttere, in group exhibition “dis(m)asters of photography”, Recyclart, Brussels, may 2019
/noctuary, self-published book, in group exhibition “photobook Belge”, FoMu, Antwerp, march – oktober 2019
/buitentijd, in group exhibition “bring your photobook”, galerie de Wégimont/ Cinéma Churchill, Liège, februari – april 2019
/noctuary, self-published book, in group exhibition “bring your photobook”, galerie l’Image son nom, Liège, februari – april 2019
/external jury member expo “into the wild”, 2nd ba photography, LUCA school of arts, Brussels, 2018
/reading for the exhibition “resistence and young resilience”, Centrale for Contemporary Art, Brussels, 2018
/shortlist Photobook Awards with noctuary, self-published book, photobook festival, Liège, 2018
/workshop analog photography, Gallery Tussenin, Ostend, 2017
/portfolio viewing SMAK, for exhibition “the Photographic I – Other Pictures”, Ghent, novembre 2017
/l’ ( ), in graduation show, LUCA school of arts, Brussels, 2016
/l’ ( ), in group exhibition “final findings”, Sint Lukas Gallery, Brussels, 2016
/re:form, in group exhibition “printed matter”, Sint Lukas Gallery, Brussels, 2015
/oogst, in group exhibition “Sneak Peak”, Gallery Tussenin, Ostend, 2015
/re:form, in graduation show, LUCA school of arts, Brussels, 2015
/roots, in group exhibition “Mammoet”, City Hall Schaerbeek, 2014

shortened bachelor photography
LUCA school of arts, Brussels
2013 – 2016

master film studies and visual culture
university of Antwerp
2012 – 2014

bachelor art history
university of Ghent
2007 – 2011

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